The name"Caffena" is a name which speaks the language of coffee. A name which is associated with the second most traded commodity in the world; Coffee.

The beauty lies in the fact that "Caffena" means coffee or cafe in any language to reach out to the millions out there who are on the quest to find the best coffee.

Our Founder

Coffee which can be simple, tasteful & sustainable.

I am passionate about coffee, and I have always wanted to set an example for the industry with to raise awareness about the threats coffee faces from global warming and changing climate patterns and ensure that we can continue to enjoy coffee for generations to come.

Our Creations

"why not bring Pop-Culture & great tasting coffee a bit closer?"

Caffena is a brand that has been developed by a millennial for the millennials. We youngsters love our coffee & even more than that, we love something that tickels our funny bone!

What do we stand for?

We believe in the idea to strike the perfect balance between Artisanal coffee & Modern coffeetrends with coffee which is simple, tasteful & exquisite.