Roasting, Cupping and The Process of Finding The Best Tasting Coffees!

According to the Specialty Coffee Association’s Flavour Wheel, there are 110 observable flavour profiles in your daily cup of coffee. The question we get asked often is where these flavours originate from

And we like to divide this process into 2 parts for simplicity's sake, Pre Roasting and Roasting. Find out how coffees are picked by roasters and optimized to deliver your favourite flavours!

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21 Coffee Terms To Know This Harvest Season

November to February marks the harvest season for coffee in India. And every year we see a surge in the usage of terms like varietals, different processes, fruit fermentations, and more jargon, but what does all this really mean to you? To deliver you from all the fancy mumbo jumbo and clear things out so that you know what to expect from that new Shade Grown Single Estate Black Honey 100% Arabica Sln 7 (AAA).

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Arabica Coffee: Your Complete Guide to Arabica's Past, Present, And its Concerning Future

Coffee, also known as the drink that seems to kickstart the world every morning. From a creamy latte or punch in the face espresso, it plays a key role in our daily lives. And in this integral part, the term “Arabica” for many has become a synonymous cornerstone of specialty coffee or the third wave of coffee. 

Let’s dive in to find out what makes this specific type of coffee so popular that it in fact dominates with a 60% share of all coffee consumed in the world. 

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