The name 'Caffena' speaks the language of coffee.

A name which is associated with the second most traded commodity in the world; Coffee.

The beauty lies in the fact that Caffena means coffee or cafe in any & every language because we believe that just like coffee, our brand doesn't need any language to reach out to the millions out there who are on the quest to find the best coffee.

From the Founder

Caffena was born from my core belief of "Giving people the coffee which is rightfully theirs."

I am passionate about coffee, and I have always wanted to set an example for the industry with sustainable business practices to raise awareness about the threats coffee faces from global warming & changing climate patterns and ensure that we can continue to enjoy coffee for generations to come.

We are targeting UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure that the coffee that we love still remains in its top form, in the coming future.

This goes for the well-being of the people who love coffee too, just like me.

So here I welcome you to join me on this quest of savouring & saving the elixir of life!

Our Mission

Saving the world one cup at a time!

Our mission since we started back in 2018 was to maximize sustainability in the process of bringing the very best of coffees from the farms to your cup. 

What do we stand for?

We believe in the idea of striking the perfect balance between Artisanal coffee & Modern-day coffee trends with coffee which is simple, tasteful & sustainable.